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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 27, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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yo appreciate it. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. greta van susteren standing by to go live on the record. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight: >> we want to work together mr. president. we are not playing games. we've got serious matters. people are out of work. unemployment at 9.2%. we've got to get the fiscal house in order. stop your policies in washington that are wrecking the economy. >> greta: the clashing continues. maybe about to explode in washington. much more with leader cantor and the bully politics he says president obama is playing. >> first, bad news for speaker boehner. he sure didn't need this. the cbo just scored his plan and says it only racks up 850 billion dollars in new savings. he thought it was 1.2 trillion. that's not enough for his party. right now the speaker's team is preparing to burn the
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midnight oil. there's more, to make matters worse for speaker boehner, president obama is threatening to veto that bill if it passes the house then the senate ends up in the oval office on the president's desk. that puts us farther from agreement. and the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is one week away. now what? sarah palin joins us. good evening governor. that would be your hypothetical if you were in law school. now what? wrong numbers, the president says he's going to veto it republicans hate the democrats the democrats hate the republicans and we are one week away. >> i think this is more obama drama that is being created, this august 2nd, deadline that he's insisting that america must act on incurring more debt, raising that debt ceiling otherwise we will default many we will not default entitle fact, geithner said sunday -- denault.
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in fact, geithner said this sunday we will not default. this august 2nd, deadline is looming but it is not armageddon, it is not life or death. boehner and the republicans have got to make sure they have a good plan in front of those who will be vetting on this plan. otherwise more of this obama drama is going to continue. and we are going to be continuing down this path of bankruptcy and the american public we are sick and tired of it. we are tired of the games, tired of the deals that are made in washington when all we want is a solution. >> greta: you say it is not life or death. 80 plus million checks are supposed to go out give or take after august 2nd. as far as we know, if we go into the situation where we can't borrow more money, it is possible that some people won't get their checks. so it does become life or death. i hope the government has a contingency plan. how do you unscare the american people if you say
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this isn't life or death? >> well, scaring the american people is exactly what president obama is doing. that bizarre speech he gave last night, it reminded me of when he insisted that tarp had to be passed. it was life or death at that time also. we had to increase spending or people would be starving on the streets. look at what tarp resulted in. the president is getting good at this fear-mongering. and trying to cram down the public's threat this idea of bigger government, more spending, not necessarily having a plan and what the spending will be on or how we will be able to live within our means with the growing and spend that he wants to see he's getting good atmosphere mongering. that's why the american public and our congressmen and women have got to step back, be reasonable, rational and insist that our president present to us the leader of the free world, the leader of
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our nation, present to us a plan in how he is going to address the looming problem of bankruptcy, which is down the line if we don't get a handle on our overspend. >> greta: the republicans say and you said he doesn't have a plan. i think the cbo has joined in on that. they said he said a plan was given at a speech at george washington university. they said they don't score a speech. the white house says they have some sort of outline, i'm not sure what that is. in the house, with speaker boehner, he says he does have a plan but he has two problems. he was apparently overly optimistic about the cuts. that's a big problem. number two, he has 90 something new freshmen republicans who don't want to go along with him unless there's a balanced budget amendment in it. he has a rob lem internal lip. not -- he has a problem internally, so now what? >> he's got a problem
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internally because he didn't have to reinvent any wheel here. i do respect speaker boehner's effort trying to negotiate with joel low as he characterizes negotiating with president obama. the internal problem he has is reventing the wheel in the 11th hour when we had cut, cap and balance that passed the house. we don't need to retreat and wave the white flag because the senate is saying they won't allow a vote on cut, cap and balance. now we have to think up another plan. no, we didn't have to do that the cut, cap and balance plan is the right plan. because evidently, there are enough members of congress who are insisting the debt ceiling will be raised. i don't want to see it raises. they are saying it will be. if it going to be raised we better get something out of it. what we want common sense conservatives. fiscal conservative americans cutting the overpending,
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cutting the overreach of government and capping for spending levels that make sense in order to provide services that are accepted and expected by the public. and then balancing the budget via an amendment to our constitution. those are the things we want out of this deal that has to be struck with president obama. >> greta: i don't know where this is going to come in. when it gets over to the senate the question of the balanced budget amendment or not. there are some sort of interesting tidbits, for instance senator harry reid, democrat of they have dark, quoted as saying in 1997, i believe we should have a -- constitutional amendment to balance the budget. i'm willing to go for that. i don't know what has changed. durbin, almost 20 years ago he said we need to move towards a balanced budget amendment. there are many other democrats, some who have run recently
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like senator brown of ohio he says before asking for your vote i owe it to you to tell you where i stand. that's for a balanced budget amendment. there are lots of instances where democrats have -- senators have called for a balance budget amendment. though we have this sort of political intrigue, nobody seems to be willing to sit down and resolve it. and we have, as you say drama. but it is not getting prettier. so now what? >> well, that's the hypocrisy that i guess is inherent in this politics as usual from these washington, d.c. characters. they say one thing as candidates. they get elected and do their flip-flop. with harry reid as you mentioned saying he was for a balanced budget amendment. look at president obama, when he was sent for he said he didn't think raising tabs during a bad economy was a good idea. now he thinks it is a good idea. he said raising the debt ceiling back then was a bad idea and i was a reflection of
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poor leadership. now he wants to raise the debt ceiling and incur more debt this is the problem, let me go back to president obama and what his problem is. he doesn't understand that we have a spending problem in this country. back in the day we used to hear it is the economy stupid. well now simply put, it's the spending stupid. what is going on now with our bloated overreaching, fat, nauseating spend, from federal government. taking more state and individual control from americans and trying to do it all on a federal . which is creating this bankrupt situation that we are facing now. it is immoral, unethical, it doesn't make sense economically or as i say morally, because we are handing these bills to our children and our grandchildren. president obama does not know what he is doing when we asked him to lead us out of this situation that we're facing with bankruptcy.
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he's exacerbating the problem. he's making it worse by wanting to incur more debt, grow government and not presenting any plan to the american people to show us what he really believes the solution is. >> greta: governor, thank you. >> earlier today we spoke with house majority leader eric cantor. nice to see you. >> good to be with you always. >> greta: the vote is tomorrow on the boehner bill. >> right. >> greta: headcount, gonna win or not? >> we are going to do it. we've got some work yet to do. this is a terribly anxious time for the country. if you look at where we are over the last six months, we've actually begun to make some progress changing the way this town does business. i believe that's what the republican majority was elected to do. to force washington to stop spending money it doesn't have. >> greta: the new gop freshmen who ran on the campaign
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balanced budget amendment which is not part of the boehner bill, that's a problem, because they are not going to be voting with you likely tomorrow. >> i think a lot of folks that have just come to join us, realize that there are three options right now. one is to push us past august 2nd, which many believe will bring on default many most people would say there is unknown risk. who knows the markets are very uncertain right now as to what that means. that's one option. which i think is unacceptable. the second option is to go with harry reid's plan. harry reid's plan is giving the president a blank cheque. giving him a blind increase of the debt ceiling to spend money the way he wants. the fact is, it is his spending and the promotion of his policies that have recollectioned economy. what we -- have wrecked this when. what we say let's go about making sure dollar for dollar increase the debt limit only if you got commensurate cuts
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to go along with that. because the democrats will not agree with enough cuts to give the president all that he wants, because they want to raise taxes with those cuts. we've agreed to a 1.2 trillion increase, cuts to afford a 900 billion dollar increase. what our plan does it forces the president back to the table. kicking and screaming about taxes and spending in an election year which he does not want to do. that's the essence of the president's position. he doesn't want to mess with it while running for reelection. >> greta: the operative word is question -- is when we. if you have this tea party contingency of republican members of congress who ran on balanced budget amendment who refuse you may not get that 217 so you don't have that we to do what you want to do. >> we are going to have a vote on balanced budget amendment this week. >> greta: will that satisfy
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them so they will vote for the boehner bill tomorrow? >> what the speaker's bill has is a provision to force a vote on balanced budget in the senate. >> greta: does that satisfy them? >> that's been the problem the senate won't tack up a balanced budget -- won't take up a balance budget vote. a lot of people who have come here to change the way things are done they know a balanced budget amendment to the constitution is what we need. >> greta: if the boehner bill says there will be a vote on that, are they willing to vote for the boehner bill so tomorrow you can get to that step? >> i think they are. what our bill does is it calls the president's bluff. when john boehner and i were at the white house the president turned to us and said, he said to me, eric don't call my bluff. it was in response to a suggestion i made which said look mr. president, we are so far apart on these figures. you want to raise taxes to facilitate spending cuts. we want to cut, stop the
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spending. because we are so far apart, can you consider coming off your insistence that we extend the credit limit of the country beyond the election? what does that have to do with the fiscal of the country which we are trying to address so we can get people back to work. that's when he really got agitated and upset. saying he was going to take it to the american people and don't call his bluff. >> greta: was that last night's speech? was that calling your bluff? >> i think it was response to what we are doing, taking it to the president and saying we want to work together mr. president. we are not playing games. we've got serious matters. people out of work. unemployment 9.2% we've got to get the fiscal house in order. stop your policies that wrecking economy that's what we want to do. let's come together, find common ground. we know something the problem. let's focus on that and not try and score political points. and not worry about the reelection for the presidential campaign as he
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has put as a priority instead trying to address what is really going on which is too much spending. >> greta: two hypotheticals. one you don't have the votes tomorrow and the boehner bill goes down, then wants? let's say the boehner bill does pass and the senate passes it goes to the president whose senior white house administration has just told ed henry there is no wiggle room. tell me what happens with those two scenarios? >> president did not say last night that he would veto the boehner bill. i'm operating on that assumption that the president would not force a collapse on august 2nd. and bring on potential chaos. i don't think the president will do that. >> greta: straight ahead, it is no secret leader cantor and president obama have had some testy exchanges lately. don't they like each other? what has been going on behind closed doors between leader
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cantor and president obama? leader cantor will you. what about the gang of six plan, would it be back in play? he talks about that too. senator mark warner is here he has something to say about fellow democrat senator reid's bill. he doesn't like that. is senator reid's plan dead in the water? that's coming up.
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>> greta: here's more of our interview with house majority leader eric cantor. >> we heard the president last night, again he's talking about taxing billionaires, millionaires, corporate jet owners that has nothing to do with the discussion now. we know the class warfare he's engaged in. it is not what republicans are about. republicans are about trying to straighten out the tax code, fill the loopholes, but bring down rates for everybody. in contrast to what the president has been insisting which is to raise taxes on-the-job creators, small business that republicans are trying to help get back into the game to get people back to work. the scenario is one, we pass the boehner bill, it can get to the president, i believe that the bill has in there the
1:20 am
terms that were discussed with the senate majority leader harry reid. with provisions that he likes in there. >> greta: so the onus is against president obama? >> he doesn't get a vote that will take him through the election so he doesn't have to talk about spending cuts and taxes again while in an election year. since when is that the dictator of what we've got to do to get the fiscal health of this country right? >> greta: suppose the boehner bill doesn't pass? members of congress had made s to vet you with you and you can peel off enough democrats what happens? >> you got default, -- [ talking over each other ] >> our plan or harry reid's plan. if nothing else, the harry reid plan is sitting there. harry reid does not have the vets now for that plan which is why it is so important --
1:21 am
have the votes now for that plan which is why it is so important. i was one who said months earlier, we can sustain two votes in the house. let's get all the cuts down now. th president said no, we need to raise taxes instead. we came back and said fine let's do this in mentally. we are going to insist that we -- do this incrementally. we are going to insist that we not increase without sufficient cuts. we don't want to give you a blank cheque. >> greta: what does he said when you say things like to him? >> he gets agitated. >> greta: i don't think he's wild about you now. >> i think we have a professional cordial relationship. again, i've been through this before with the president when we were discussing the stimulus bill. the president doesn't like people who differ with him on policy grounds. i saw that in the white house.
1:22 am
we come from different world views. i'm a small businessperson. i know that the prosperity in this country is connected to entrepreneurs that are willing to go out there and take risks. what has gone on in this administration reflects the president's view of the world. government is in place to promulgate rules and regulations that somehow settle scores. in the process, what he's done is he has taken away all incentive for entrepreneurs and small businesses to have that optimism again to go out and create jobs. we've got to be focused on that. we have to stop spending and promotion of these policies that wrecking the economy and start focusing on what most people want which is to get back to work. >> greta: is the gang of six bill out of play? senator warner talks about when he was governor of virginia how they lowered the tax rates and got more revenue. it is another comprehensive another bill is that out of place? >> --
1:23 am
>> i think the record will show, as you know i'm from virginia. mark wanted to raise s in virginia. the gang of six bill if you look at the additional revenues that it calls for as well as the rates that it calls for in the -- on the individual level, there's no question that taxes will go up in that bill. i think where the taxes go up are the fact that you are going to get rid a lot of mortgage interest deductions, charitable deductions. most importantly, i don't think you can sustain the difference between the capital gains rate and ordinary income. you will see capital gains rates go way back up. i believe the capital gains rate lower than that which is ordinary is one of the most generationive policies we can have. that's a capital gains taxes, you want to lower them. other countries now that are our competitors have much
1:24 am
lower if no capital gains taxes. we don't want to#oíu be&o disadvantaged. that's the engine of america. the ability for entrepreneurs to invest and create value and jobs. we want to put incentives in place. we don't want to raise those taxes. i believe the gang of six plan will raise capital gains rates. >> greta: thank you. as you know we'll be watching. >> thank you greta. >> greta: coming up, mark warner was the governor of the state of virginia. virginia has a balanced budget amendment he had to balance virginia's budget. why doesn't the senator now support a balanced budget amendment for the federal government? he's going to tell you, straight ahead. >> probably something the president doesn't want, a book recommendation from rush limbaugh. it is a booké@voxre likely to be found on a teenaged girl's book shelf. what is it? rush will tell you, coming up. ♪ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] 125 years ago...
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>> greta: speaker boehner is scrambling over the last few hours he received a cbo score to his plan. his bill over estimates the cuts by 350 billion dollars. there's more news, 100 gop house members say they will vote no on any bill that does not require a balanced budget amendment. not one of the three remaining plans has that amendment. no secret washington likes to spend. should there be a lid on washington?
1:29 am
a balanced budget amendment? we spoke with senator mark warner who is in the gang of six. from to 2006 he was governor of virginia which does have a balanced budget provision in its state constitution. nice to see you. there's three plans, senator reid, speaker boehner and the gang of six. any prediction about whether any is going to carry the day? >> i sure as heck hope so the alternative to so drastic if we default on our loans and the incorrect tax increase that would have on every american, decline in the stock market. i think the so-called gang of six plan which is to date the only truly comprehensive bipartisan plan knocks four trillion off of the debt. i hope whatever solution gets us over the debt limit we have a chance to bring this plan back, get it fully vetted and get an up or downyy.o vote on .
1:30 am
>> greta: you are former governor with a balanced budget amendment that guided your executive decision. do you understand or see the passion why some people want in the federal governmeáxenñ a balanced budget amendment? >> i understand. i also say virginia for example has a aaa bond rating. we paid our bills. i look at other states. california has a balanced budget amendment. i don't think anybody would say realistically that california's budget is balanced or half a dozen other states that have frankly funny, tricky accounting in terms of technically meeting balanced budget but in reality doesn't. i would rather us not kick the can down the road and would probably take years to get a balanced budget amendment through. we don't have that much time. reform, tax reform and put our nation back on a fiscal -- >> greta: many americans say
1:31 am
why don't we do both. we are in an urgent situation can't we do -- isn't there a run? >> my concern particularly with what the house's approach on this so-called balanced budget amendment. higher thresholds for revenues, locks in the current tax code puts percentages on revenues and spending. that is not a national way to run a national government. you see what happens when countries like greece give up their ability to have control over their own economic destiny. i don't think the greatest country in the world should give up that control to some kind of formula. i think we need to balance our budget and cut down on spending. i don't think a constitutional amendment going to get us there. i think it is going to take political leaders willing to say to both parties there's not a one-party answer. we gotta find ways to put back on entitlements. we have to find a way to cut
1:32 am
back on spending and raise sufficient revenues so we can balance our books. the facts don't lie. we are spending at an all-time high, 25% of our gdp, collecting revenues 15.4%, 70 year low. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that can't be maintained. >> greta: i'm curious what you think in light of the fact not only are you a former governor, a businessman, we hear so much from the republicans saying if you raise taxes you are going to kill jobs. put your base man hat on if taxes got raised, what impact -- put your businessman hat on taxes got raised. >> we had a six billion dollar shortfall we cut back on spending and raised revenues. virginia got named the best managed state in the country. the best state for business. we kept that aaa raying.
1:33 am
what we said is, you have to keep your -- tax rate low but pay for the services you want. >> greta: you got more revenue. >> we got more revenue. we raised our taxes. what we are talking about now is not the kind of -- [ inaudible ] we are saying let's do what ronald reagan did in 1986, lower rates, go at some of these tax exemptions and cut back on them. get growth like? >> i think you have to put them -- >> greta: like? >> i think you have to put them all on the table. not eliminate mortgage deduction. does everybody needs a full million dollars on the second home? maybe cut it back to just the first home. i think people should be able to give char rightably and get a deduction. maybe after the first $100, $200, only half deduction. if that means you can lower rates so every american pays lower rates we have proposals that save we can bring rates
1:34 am
for middle income people down to 12, 14% even people at the top would have 29, 30% that would be substantially lower than the current 35%. >> greta: that is not the boehner bill that is not the reid bill that sounds more like the gang of six. could you vote for the reid bill? >> i think what we need to do, the difference -- we have to get the politics out at this point. my problem with what the speaker has proposed is rating agencies say if you do a short term extension you are going to get a debt downgrade. >> greta: are those the same rating agents that got us in the -- [ talking over each other ]ssu÷ >> they are the same. the fact is, theybyj are still the ones that markets look to. you downgrade our debt and it is going to mean an immediate tax increase through the equipment of increased interest rate. i don't think the reid bill goes far enough it gives you a little more time. 2 1/2 trillion isn't enough. we have to get to four
1:35 am
trillion dollar revenue -- deficit saving over the next 10 years that has to come with cuts. it has to come with tax reform. it has to come with making these entitlement programs financially viable. >> greta: coming up senator sessions next. who is he accusing of who is he accusing of exaggerating? [ melody ] the bar is raised for everybody in an ap class, from the teachers to the students. i had a student the other day that said... "miss stacy, this class is changing the way that i look at things." sparking that interest and showing them that math and science are exciting... it's why i teach. ♪ i know they can, even when they think they can't. a living, breathing intelligence that's helpi drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the nation's airline industry getting a tongue lashing from congress for raising fares. the price hike coincides with a temporary tax holiday created by the partial shutdown of the faa. most top carriers are not passing the savings on to their passengers, so lawmakers want them to invest into new aviation promise or roll back the fare hikes. airline execs have not commented. jury selection is complete in the trial of warren jess. 10 women and two men will serve
1:40 am
in the trial in san angelo, texas. he is forced into -- he is charged with forcing underaged girls into marriage. he could get life in prison if convicted. he faces a separate trial for bigamy in october. i'm ainsley earhardt. you can check out our web site at for more headlines. this fire no report of injuries. now back to greta. >> greta: what about senator reid's debt ceiling plan? we spoke with jeff sessions. nice to see you. where are we? what do you think about the reid bill? >> we are at the 11th hour the reid bill is not adequate. he purports to reduce spending over 10 years, 2.7 trillion. we've done a fair and honest evaluation it reduces spending
1:41 am
one trillion over 10 years. he is asking for on the one to one idea of increasing the debt limit, the amount of spending that is reduced as an interim measure would only take us a few months maybe to the first of next year if his bill was to passed and honestly scored. >> greta: explain, when you talk about cutting something, are you cutting real dollars that are appropriated for projects that you are going to pay for now or are you talking about something off in the future? >> i don't believe senator reid's plan has the teeth in it that speaker boehner's reduction spending plan does. he puts mechanisms in to make it hard to violate that. >> greta: speaker boehner's? >> speaker boehner's. >> greta: but not impossible to violate. freshmen --
1:42 am
>> the only thing that has great teeth to it would be a constitutional amendment like so many states have that says you must live within your means and balance the budget year after year that clearly is the thing that would help solve in a permanent way, the problem that we've continually had, a congress unwilling to live within the income level. >> greta: would senator reid's bill pass? >> i do not believe so. i do not believe that it can pass the senate. because it is an exaggeration of how much it reduces spending. it is asking for too long and too big an increase in the debt ceiling. congress sets how much money this country can borrow. they would want the largest increase in borrowing ever. >> greta: he has a democratic majority. >> you have to have 60 votes to pass that. any way they write it would be subject to a 60 vote margin. he doesn't have the 60 votes,
1:43 am
in my opinion. >> greta: there are not 60 democrats. >> right. >> greta: if speaker boehner can't get his bill passed he has to get 217, he has a number of republican members of congress, first year freshmen who may not vote for it. if that doesn't pass there. if the bill in the senate doesn't pass, senator reid's, now what? >> well, it is a good question. we are at the 11th hour. we should not had been at the 11th hour. i've warned about that all year. we've not even had budget hearings to deal with our debt crisis. all of a sudden, out of the blue in come these proposals at the 11th hour. congress is asked to ratify, because of the debt crisis august 2nd, right out there. this is not the way to do the people's business. >> greta: now what? are there plans? >> the answer is, i don't know. i don't know what would happen if both those plans are voted
1:44 am
down in both houses. but i think they would have to be more realistic and come forward with a better plan and quickly. because we do not need to not raise the debt ceiling at least for a temporary base base. >> greta: have you heard or had any conversations, harry reid has he said anything to the republican leadership in the senate? >> yes, they are talking. there's no doubt about that senator reid and senator mcconnell talk on a regular basis. it appears sunday night they had an an game >> greta: what happened? >> they went to the -- they had an agreement. >> greta: what happened? >> they went to the white house and the president said no. >> greta: why? >> he didn't want this debt limit increase he wanted a bigger amount to take him past the next election. i don't see if there is anything wrong if we can achieve a significant reduction in our debt --
1:45 am
experts tell us we need to reduce spending by four trillion at a minimum over 10 years. this plan would only reduce it by one. this cannot be a long term solution. it can own be an interim solution to get us past this august 2nd, date. >> greta: many republicans are critical of the president because he wants to go"k past the 2012 election and they say he's doing it for political, selfish reasons. the president says he wants to stabilize the market, give certainty to the business community so we are not constantly wrangling over this how do we know which is which? >> if he wants to do a long term plan and not come back at it. then he's got to talk in terms of four trillion dollar reduction in spending. he's leaked and said i've got three trillion. let's see your three trillion. >> greta: does he have a plan? >> harry reid said he has three trillion. we examined it carefully, it is only one. so the president doesn't have a three trillion dollar plan.
1:46 am
not a real plan that would store his three trillion. if he did he would produce it. i invite him to produce it. the president said his budget calls on us to live within our means. it is the most responsible budget in the history of this country. we've got to see real numbers not just words, speeches and press conferences. >> greta: senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, she is back. cindy mccain is here. why is she hanging around with ben affleck? she has been working around the world with the a-lifter. what are they doing. -- stick around to hear from -- stick around to hear from rush limbaugh. turn left.
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>> greta: cindy mccann may be off your radar screen sis her husband ran for president in 2008 but she has done anything but slow down. she got back from the congo with movie star ben affleck. she has:bending her time and voice to attention to the most unthinkable violence against women. we sat down with cindy mccann. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: you are just back from the congo. why did you go there?
1:51 am
>> i sit on a board which was took me in. we are going to observe the elections and we have a ed interest in the congo because we support community-based organizations. it is a wonderful organization. it was founded by ben affleck. they've done remarkable work there. i'm proud to be part of it. >> greta: what is it like? if i landed in the congo and start driving around, what would i see? >> well, you would see what you expect to see in any under developed country which is poverty and just the people living in the streets, all those things. the undercurrent is different. as you know there's been a horrendous problem with rape. using armies, i'll use that as a loose term it is a band of a bunch of people doing bad things.
1:52 am
they are treating their women and children very badly there. their women and children have taken the brunt of this. these elections that are coming up in november are extraordinarily important. i believe congo is on the cusp of either stepping into a fledgling democracy or stepping back in time and basically imploding. >> greta: when i read about the congo and you see thousands of women raped everyday it doesn't resonate. when you go to these places and experience and see the women who -- what the numbers? >> the number that hits me the most is two out of every three women in the congo have been raped. you will be standing in a crowd and you know that people on either side of you have been raped, multiple times. this something that happens once in a while it is repeated. it is a failure of the
1:53 am
government, obviously that's and you statement. it is failure of i believe the international community to pay close attention to what is going on there. my job and our job until the election occurs is encourage:&r the until community to get involved and help be observers. we had a cadillac election in 2006, with the u.n. basically running the show. that's not the case this time. we are worried about violence. we're worried about all kinds of problems. >> greta: a lot of those countries the humanitarian issues the atrocities strike a chord and it is so painful if you stop and think about it or go to these places. there's also the national security issues. most americans thinking we got a lot of problems here, why should i care about the congo? national security standpoint, we should care, besides the human rights. >> you are right. we should care if we don't the
1:54 am
bad guys do care. congo has vast mine wealth. it has a vast ability to be a leading country for many reasons. because they are such a stunningly beautiful place as well. things are being traded for the wrong reasons. things are being misused. and the bad guys are in there. i think from a national security aspect it is really important that we pay attention to these elections. we're talking about a country that is the size of europe. it took 4 1/2 hours to fly from one side to the other the other day. >> greta: we have much more with cindy mccain on >> rush limbaugh has a book club pick. club pick. a famous pick, [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash the studio lights time for last call. rush limbaugh had choice words for president obama after his speech last night. >> there's a book out there. some years ago, i think it was written by a guy, might have been written by a woman, i'm not sure. the book was "he's just not that into you." oh yeah. all the women are nodding their heads. oh yeah. it was basically a how to book for women top understand, look the guy is not playing games if he doesn't call you back it is because he's not that into you. i think it is starting to become obvious now that we're just not that into obama and he needs to read the book. >> greta: that is your last call. lies are blinking. we are closing down shop. n


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